Ben Garrison is known for creating some excellent cartoons detailing the wacky ongoing liberal ideologies and insanity in America today. One of his more recent cartoons detailing how Disney has gone woke is a perfect example of his keen insight into the craziness that is the Woke Disney Agenda. The cartoon depicts Donald Duck being delivered some woke justice by Mickey Mouse centered in front of a background depicting the new woke Disney theme park. A newer, not so fun place, with such rides as the “Pronoun Train” the “Black Lives Matterhorn” and “AntiFaland”. Of course, it would not be complete without the “No Trump Supporters Allowed” sign. Ha, truly another awesome creation from Ben hitting it right on the mark.

People are truly tired of this woke agenda garbage and it is beginning to show, as stated in the Washington Examiner, “Nearly 7 in 10 Americans, upset with Disney’s embrace of the LGBTQ movement, no longer want to do “business” with Mickey Mouse and instead will seek out “family-friendly alternatives,” according to a new survey shared with Secrets.”

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