Rocket Man Productions presents Missile Fun


Yes, the video is genuinely “entertaining” on many levels worthy of an Oscar, but it is also serious. The fact North Korea continues to expand its arsenal represents Failed Policies to continue the dialog that began with President Donald Trump. When President Trump was in office, this display of aggression was nonexistent. Yes, North Korea hurled a few missiles into the sea, earning Kim Jong Un the “Rocket Man” title, but he wasn’t showing the world a missile that could reach the United States. With Biden in office and what is taking place on the world stage, there is no chance of any dialogue or mediation of North Korea’s aggressive stance.

The world is watching as Biden gaffes, Kamala mumbles, and Psaki deflects questions. The world is watching America ridden with crime, unable to control immigration, stupidly begging for oil when it has the resources, and dealing with the continued fallout from the debacle in Afghanistan. Russia watched and now made its move. Now the question is, who is the next aggressor to make their move?

America will once again display its inherent strength and power. Yes, this strength of the greatest nation on Earth didn’t go anywhere. It is with us now. What is not with us is representation to properly show it to the rest of the world, to stand as an example of that power that is the United States of America.