Source: New York Post

The Biden Family Scheme

There is some serious stuff being revealed about the “Big Guy” and his crackhead son, Hunter. Possible shady business dealings, deposits, corruption and it seems the surface has only been scratched or should I say lightly touched. Miranda Divine states in the New York Post,  “It is not just the emails and other material on Hunter’s abandoned laptop that point to Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s multimillion-dollar global influence-peddling schemes when he was vice president. There is also the six-hour interview Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski gave to the FBI last year, along with a trove of documents, emails and encrypted messages.” See the full article below.

It seems there will be more to uncover. Let’s hope that with Biden in the White House, the truth doesn’t get covered up like everything else in that lair of filth.